Laguna_GriGriThe first of the incredible beaches to be found about 500mt to the right of Cabrera, is Orchid Bay followed by playa El Diamante and La Entrada, Laguna El DuDù and playa La Boca. Meanwhile to the left there is playa de Los Inamorados and playa El Breton, La Preciosa and Playa Grande, one of the most beautiful and unforgettable beaches where you can windsurf, sunbathe, play, or simply relax in the shade of one of the many palm trees inclining towards the sea. Then there are kiosks that offer local Dominican cuisine, and fabulous fish prepared on the spot.

Only 15km away is Playa Caleton: a beautiful inlet with crystal blue green water gently lapping at the shore, almond trees and towering palm trees that provide shade under which to spend a most pleasant day. Also here there are kiosks that supply an abundance of drinks and local cuisine.

The North Coast is a water sports paradise where windsurfing is a favourite at both Playa Grande and La Preciosa. For lovers of fishing there are organized fishing trips with local fishermen, or deep-sea fishing excursions from Laguna Gri-Gri.

About 12 km away there is one of the island’s nicest golf courses. Designed by renowned architect Robert Trent Jones, the Playa Grande Golf Course: a 9 and18 hole course situated on a cliff verdant over Playa Grande provides spectacular views of the ocean. The course design combines features of the terrain with unpredictable environmental elements (wind in particular), making the game more variable and exciting.DuDu

In Rio San Juan you can visit the Laguna Gri-Gri: a small natural harbour. Its distinctive intricate maze of mangroves offers a corner of paradise not to be missed, where local boatmen (yolero) offer tours of the lagoon: a boat excursion that includes a visit to the mangrove forests with their canals of crystal clear mineral water, coral reefs, interesting rock formations, natural rock pools and a cave housing hundreds of swallows (Cueva de las Golondrinas), and maybe finish with a break at the inlet of playa El Caleton to enjoy a refreshing drink or eat one of the local dishes.

Bikes, scooters or auto are available for hire for enthusiasts that prefer complete freedom to discover the curious places, natural scenery and thousand facets, odours and colours the coastline and inland have to offer: such as the waterfalls, or the whale trail the whales make (from January through to March), the small multi-coloured villages and the warmth of the local people.


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